URGENT! Men Needed for a Free Vacation with Pueblo Ingles in Spain!

I wrote about a fabulous volunteer program called Pueblo Ingles in an earlier post HERE. Today the company put out an urgent message they need more male participants. If you have some vacation time and a little extra cash for airfare to Madrid or enough airline miles for a free trip, now would be a great time to take part in this unique opportunity for a cheap vacation AND a great cultural experience.

Basically, Pueblo Ingles is an English-language program that brings approximately 20 “Anglos” or native-English speakers together with 20 Spaniards who are already fairly conversant in English. The entire group travels by motor coach from Madrid to a resort for a week to speak only English all week. During that week a private hotel room is provided along with three meals a day (plus wine!) and some fantastic sightseeing activities as a group.

The company likes to balance it’s program with equal numbers of Anglos and Spaniards, as well as men and women. You can apply to be accepted to an upcoming program via their website…www.puebloingles.com.

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