Exclusive Credit Card Bonus Deals via CardMatch

I recently got my new American Express Premier Rewards Gold credit card with 50,000 Membership Rewards sign up bonus points. I found the link on The Points Guy. This card is another step towards our goal of earning more points that can be used for hotel stays. Right now we have tons of airline miles and not enough free nights to take advantage once we arrive. Membership Rewards points are valuable for both airlines and hotels.

Unfortunately, that 50k bonus point deal is no longer available (now only 25k points) but that link provided me with a cool tool called CardMatch by CreditCard.com.


On CardMatch, you input your personal information and the system presents offers you are qualified to receive. The system doesn’t do a hard pull on your credit to see offers. I used the system to get the now-dead deal for the Amex Premier Gold Card and I just used it again to see what offers I might get. The only good offer was from the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express for 45,000 bonus points with a $5k spending requirement. That’s enough for a free roundtrip within the continental United States or a low-season roundtrip ticket to Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and northern South America. (You get 25k miles after the first purchase and 20k more after you meet the spending requirement.) According to the website, this is an exclusive offer for CardMatch. However, since I don’t need anymore airline miles, I’m not going to take this offer.

If you find an offer you want to take advantage of on CardMatch, you click through and go through the application process. Getting the offer is not a guarantee of approval; it means you have met the basic criteria of the card’s credit requirements.

Good credit card bonus points offers come and go. My advice would be to try CardMatch and while you have the offers on the screen, open another browser and do a Google search to see how the offers compare to others in the marketplace. The Points Guy, MillionMileSecrets and FlyerTalk are good tools to use for comparisons. Be selective and don’t waste your precious credit on low bonus point offers like 10,000 bonus point, which really isn’t enough for any reward travel. However, if you have a great offer–go for it before the deal dies!




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