My End-of-Year Push For More Points

Earlier this year I signed up for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus credit card for my business ($69 fee) and got a 50,000 bonus. But a few weeks ago I realized I might have time to earn enough points to get a free companion pass for next year so I really focused on an end-of-the-year push for more points.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card Offers

I need to have 110,000 SWA points by December 31 to earn the companion pass. So, I rushed to get another SWA credit card, this time I got the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card ($99 fee) for 50,000 points. Both cards are business cards but I confirmed with Chase that I qualify for a second 50,000 bonus because it is technically a different card product. (Even though I called and confirmed I’m a little suspect about it but I have nothing to lose.)

Creative Spending in my End-of-Year Push for More Points

Even with two sign up bonuses of 100,000 I am still a little short for the companion pass so I looked for other options for some easy points. Here’s what I’ve done in the past 2 weeks:

  • 550 points to sign up for free delivery from Vons supermarket. ($500 sign up via Rapid Rewards Shopping and $50 for food purchased online)
  • 1819 points to sign up for (1700 sign up via Rapid Rewards Shopping and $119 for the plan). This particular purchase was unexpected but I’m so excited about it. I just happened to see this company listed as a high point earner on Rapid Rewards Shopping site and it was perfect timing because I already had a dental appointment scheduled for 2 root canals and 2 tooth extractions. I will actually save nearly $1000 in dental costs by purchasing this savings plan.
  • 200 points by paying my handyman in Visa gift cards (I found codes online for free shipping and no processing fees)
  • Unfortunately, even with the dental savings card I purchased I will still have about $3000 (3000 points) of dental work before year end.
  • I will pay my property taxes of about $3000 online (3000 points). (I was charged a 2% processing fee)
  • Christmas shopping of about $2000 (2000 points) and any bonus points through the shopping portal will put me over the top by December 31 to get my companion pass.

I also took advantage of getting 1,936 American Airlines miles for buying a $49 McAfee computer software program via the American Airlines online shopping mall.

None of the spending I’ve listed above is frivolous. I’m a true frugal Bohemian and I don’t spend a nickel I don’t need to. Yes, the total fees for these cards are $168 but I will easily get 4 roundtrip tickets and the companion pass is a 5th roundtrip. By spending a few extra minutes to find some bonus deals my necessary spending really adds up to a lot of free travel.


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