Eat Cheap on Vacation with

We use coupons both at home and on vacation. It’s a great way to save money and eat at some really nice restaurants that would not fit in our budget without the discount. Actually, we had been using locally for years before we ever thought about using them on vacation–now we are hooked on it to eat cheap while traveling.
Eat Cheap on Vacation with

How Works

Go to the website and plug in a city or zip code of where you are going to travel. You will get a list of restaurants that participate in the program offering a discount off the check. You buy a coupon worth a certain monetary discount. For example, you may pay $4 for a coupon worth $10 off the check; or pay $10 for a coupon worth $25 off the check. Different restaurants offer different coupon values. IMPORTANT–Always do a Google search to see if there are any promo codes for which lower the cost to purchase the coupons. I’ve gotten plenty of $25-off certificates for only $2 with a promo code. does a lot of promos, particularly before December holidays. When we visit our families, we use these certificates to take the whole group to dinner. It’s nice to pay $10 for $100 off the check! Happy Holidays!

Terms of the Coupon

With the purchase of a coupon, you agree to spend a certain amount. For example, to use a $25-off certificate you may have to spend $35 in food purchases (sometimes alcohol is also included).

Additionally, days of the week may be restricted. The deals often exclude Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.

How to Decide Where to Dine

How do you choose a restaurant if you’re not familar with a city? I always open up a separate browser with Yelp and look up any of the restaurants that sound appealing with a quick check on Yelp to see how the reviews are from locals. I read a few of the best reviews and also some of the worst to see if it’s something we’re going to like. I also open a third browser to see what the restaurant menu looks like to see if we’ll be able to spend enough to get the discount.

When the reviews are good, the menu is in the right price range and the coupon is valid on the nights we plan to be in that city, we simply order the coupon and print it on the spot to bring with us on vacation. offers us an affordable way to eat at some nice restaurants even though we are traveling on a budget. And, use it in your hometown to save money so you can take that vacation.

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